•   06/24/2015 12:39 pm

To me Christmas is not about
wreathes, cookies and candles,
To me Christmas is not about
Wearing new clothes and sandals.

To me Christmas is all about
the gift of little love,
And then spread the joy in heart
To the lonely souls, like a dove.

To me Christmas is all about
awakening the soul within you,
Its the time to reach out to those
who need some love and care too.

  •   06/24/2015 12:18 pm

The time for the bells to jingle,
Friends and families to mingle.

The time for the hue and light,
And souls to shine bright.

The time for eating cookies,
And to make some yummy bakeries.

The time to pray to Jesus,
To fill the lives with pleasures.

The time to carol singing,
And some jazzy Christmas dancing.

The time to hang a star
on the Christmas tree,
And set our souls free
With a lovely glee.

  •   06/24/2015 11:52 am

The Christmas time is coming
And its time for us to be good,
Its the time for us to clear the mess
And let Santa guess,
Who has been naughty or been nice.
He will surely check out thrice,
Before he pops down your chimney
And leaves behind your prize.

Wishing you Luck and Love this Christmas!

  •   06/24/2015 11:29 am

Every Christmas I remember
About the love that you showered on me,
Love that brought me pleasure
And joy beyond any measure.

Every Christmas I remember
The peace and happiness too,
That filled my life every time
Coz those were the wishes sent by you.

Every Christmas I remember
The fragrance that filled the air
When I was engulfed in your embrace
And of love so very rare and true.

Thinking about you on Christmas and always!

  •   06/24/2015 11:21 am

With the coming of Christmas -
A festival of wreaths and bow,
And the mantle pieces adorned with
Colorful stockings in a row.

My heart is filled with pleasure
and love that knows no bound,
I find it very difficult
To keep my feet on the ground.

All that I wish to do
Is to reach out and,
Give my heartiest wishes
To someone so special like - YOU !

  •   12/17/2014 12:53 pm
The sweet little reindeer is all ready to fly,
To pull the sleigh up in the bright blue sky.
The children are all waiting for Santa to come,
To give them the gifts and show his tantrums.
Christmas is knocking they cannot be late,
The joy, fun and Christmas cheer just cannot wait.
Sending across wishes for a merry Christmas.
  •   11/27/2014 3:02 pm
The Gift of Faith
The Beauty of Hope
The Blessings of Peace
The Power of Love 
The light of His divine guidance 
be with you and your family at
Christmas and always!
Wishing you all a blessed Christmas
and a Happy New Year!
  •   11/27/2014 1:09 pm
Christmas is the lovely
time of the year to pause
and reflect on the past year,
A time of hope and renewal,
Sharing, Giving and Helping others
but most important of all, Love!
May the light of God's Love fill 
your heart with warmth and care.
Wishing you a joy filled Christmas!
  •   11/26/2014 11:01 am
May this Christmas
touches your heart
And makes this Holiday
The most treasured one.
May it bring immense love and
Joy into your life,
Wishing you a Season of Blessings
Sent from Heaven above...
Merry Christmas!

  •   11/26/2014 10:26 am
May the Joys of the Season
Fill your heart with
goodness and cheer,
As you weave new dreams
And take the Lord's blessing,
Today and for the New Year.
Sending my most sincerest
greetings to you for a 
Merry Christmas.
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